Summer/Winter schools

Real business challenges originating from corporates, research centres or governments.
Participants work in multi-disciplinary teams and apply “learning by doing” to develop a mindset and skills to solve the challenge in an innovative way. Summer and winter schools are a great opportunity to learn and network with students and professionals from IT, business and innovation community.

Through this event a network is built and strengthened between the universities and the challenge providers. Grab the chance to find the talent which is interested in solving the issues in the area you need it the most.



One way ticket out of your comfort zone!

An adventure with Kimitisik let participants experience how it feels to leave their comfort zone and make them understand the importance of doing so. Our coaches will lead by example, showcasing the (personal) growth mindset and creating a supporting environment for participants to challenge themselves. Adventures take place in different contexts, from wild nature to cities and they typically last from a few days to a week. Throughout the activity, participants are encouraged to work together as a team to form synergies in order to reach their objective. At the end of an adventure participants gain confidence to face risks, take action and act overcoming their self limiting beliefs. An adventure is enriched by plenty of networking sessions, tailored coaching and motivation sessions, making it suitable both for individuals and for company retreats.



Work on real industry problems and explore solutions!

Participants work on real life industrial partner provided use-cases for one or two weeks, where they learn the necessary skills to solve the issues of the case provider in an innovative way and also to build a business model around the solution they came up with. By the end of the Camps participants will learn the mindset of an entrepreneur and how to communicate to the outside world their results in the future.As apart of the program the participants learn how to bring their ideas to the market in a sustainable way and also how to attract capital from the market to execute on their plans.


Business Creation Labs

Turn any idea into a business!

Turn any idea into a business with one of our Business Creation Labs. Participants pitch their idea and from then onwards work on it throughout the event. There’s plenty of learning opportunities to learn thanks to a vibrant mix of speakers and Kimitisik coaches, who will guide participants through their experiences and the latest trends in innovation.Several validation rounds gets the participants in contact with potential customers. After a few iterations, each team is encouraged to build a prototype and a sustainable business model to go to market. All this happens under a sense of time pressure that gets the team in the flow. The final outcome is then pitched in front of an audience of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The lab ends with an opportunity to join Kimitisik’s accelerator and register the company at the chamber of commerce.


Train The Trainer

Take an active role in Kimitisik's innovation!

Local trainers actively participate in the given activity like all the other participants. Before the activity these trainers prepare a personal learning plan and receive instructions about their double role during the activity. After the activity reflection will take place. Pass on what we have learned and experienced and make others pass it on further. Establish strong (project) teams to run the events and training activities (local programme) and form a pool of interested ‘friends’.

Certified trainer

In order to enable and maintain the growth of the entrepreneurial mindset in the region, we empower local professionals with the skills of coaching young talents offering them an active role in the Kimitisik community.


Training Portfolio

Established curriculum centered on innovation

We provide an already validated Innovation and Entrepreneurship curriculum for training centres, universities and corporates to make the entrepreneurial mindset growth sustainable and scalable. At the first rounds Kimitisik is actively involved in the implementation of the curriculum and when it is comfortably built in the everyday life of the customer Kimitisik plays a supportive role to maintain the success of it.