An anecdote how it all started…

Almost a year ago at the end of a beautiful Summer day whilst we were enjoying a nice cup of coffee on a terrace with a wonderful view overlooking the river a good friend provoked the four of us with the following three questions.   >>

Unanimously we answered yes to all questions with a big smile on our face! Then a moment of awkward silence followed, because we were waiting for our friend to say something back… Instead he stayed silent and just smiled at us. Somehow we were puzzled and at the same time we felt inspired and energised too.

A month later the four of us met again, because we knew we had to turn the energy of this yes-feeling into something concrete and valuable…

Would you feel excited to be free and responsible for your own choices and achievements?
Would it be great to work together with others on something that matters and is meaningful?
Would you think it’s fantastic to learn something new every day?

Empower people to create impact

Pave the road towards thriving and sustainable ecosystems fuelled by innovation and stimulate regional development by spurring personal growth and powering up fruitful multi-party co-operations.

At the end of the day before dinner another dear friend asked ‘ki mit iszik?’, which in Hungarian literally means ‘who drinks what?'.

And so form that moment on KIMITISIK exists!


Way we work

With creativity one can solve a problem with a different mindset than that created it. We live by this mentality and we are always open for alternative approaches or views on how to create added value.

A strong push for action is needed to transform this added value into something tangible, i.e. get things done. Inspired by the Finnish education philosophy we make it possible for others to learn by doing in a playful way.

We live as we preach and continuously learn by doing too.The positive psychology theory (life-long-learning, be part of a multidisciplinary team, have a purpose and have the freedom and responsibility to make own choices) propels our team’s performance.

And our twist is to keep the balance and so to strive for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Our team

Engineers with a strong entrepreneurial background and
entrepreneurs with a strong engineering background



Technopreneurship Expert


Senior Business Coach & Education Expert


Software Architect & Chain Entrepreneur


Network Expert & Wellbeing Coach