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Pave the road towards thriving and sustainable ecosystems fuelled by innovation and stimulate regional development by spurring personal growth and powering up fruitful multi-party co-operations.

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Time to change

All over the world national, regional and local governments have to find new ways to deal with among others education, the health care system, employment and population moving to cities from the countryside. NGOs are also confronted with these themes.


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
- George Bernard Shaw -

Imagine a future where blended and experiential learning will complement the educational system, or where, thanks to the next generation of entrepreneurs, unemployment will decrease. Envision a world where people will live a healthy lifestyle and where the focus of the medical care system will shift from cure to prevention. Think of cities that will be better places to live in with for example less congestion and cleaner air, or foresee rural areas with enough business opportunities, access to improved health care and availability of education.

When new solutions are required then the only way forward is to heavily invest in innovation and to push entrepreneurship. To accelerate this process the cooperation between universities, businesses of all sizes, research centres and innovation hubs needs to be fully aligned and optimised. Another prerequisite is to unlock the potential of disruptive and digital technology and make it widely available.


Today is the right time to create impact

It would be great when innovation becomes an integral part of a local or regional development agenda, transforming any municipality or county into a thriving ecosystem where businesses, universities and research centres blend well together.

Kimitisik forms and shapes these innovation networks by bringing together universities, start ups, SME’s, corporates, research centres and innovation hubs, strengthens their cooperation and as a result creates sustainable ecosystems.

Hereby Kimitisik empowers people to unlock their entrepreneurial mind set, to make an impact and to keep balance in their lives!

How it works

Launching phase: first projects

Design and develop the outline and content for the projects

Create awareness, mobilise and activate local interest

Establishing the baseline of the current situation in the regional context

Experience working togetherFormulate the shared ambition and make a rough outline of the overall programme

Training phase: short and long

Design and develop the outline and content for the short and long training activities

More time to experience personal and team development

More opportunity to validate business viability

Anchoring phase

Pass on what we have learned and experienced and make others pass it on further

Establish strong (project) teams to run the events and training activities (local programme) and form a pool of interested ‘friends’

Optimise process to run the local programme

Growing phase

Run second and third editions of earlier activities with more participants and network partners

Extend the training portfolio

Run Train the Trainer for extended training portfolio

Formalise relationships and cooperations with partners from other regions

One plus one is three!

In each of the four phases, self re-enforcing co-operations and networks come to life and make all partners benefit! This approach will result in prospering and sustainable ecosystems.

  • Universities

    We support universities in their Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) activities, leading courses, workshops and business challenges.
    The events we run at your premises are only the first step along your I&E journey.

    Thanks to our "train the trainer" programme we encourage students to become coaches and we teach academic staff how to run entrepreneurial activities without our support.

  • Businesses of all sizes

    Spice up the morale of your teams with Kimitisik's business challenges and adventures! Whether it's pitching a prototype of a new product or cycling across Europe, we’ll get everyone out of their comfort zone.

    We conduct trainings in which we evoke intrapreneurial behaviour in your workplace, to improve the conversion of ideas into viable products or services from a business perspective. Moreover, we connect you with international university students who might have the skillset your organisation is looking for.

  • Innovation hubs

    Kimitisik facilitates innovation hubs to extend their reach worldwide.

    Our events are great for networking and scouting start-ups and talent.

    Our services include roadshows, business challenges and workshops.

  • Research centres

    Kimitisik coaches on innovation and entrepreneurship, motivating researchers to act towards the commercialisation of their work.
    Kimitisik delivers Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) activities tailored to your objectives, such as courses, workshops and business challenges.
    The events we run at your premises are only the first step along the I&E journey. Thanks to our "train the trainer" programme, we enabling researchers to become coaches and take the leader role in the organisation.

  • Public sector organisatons

    The transformation of municipalities or counties into thriving and sustainable ecosystems takes places, where all the above partner organisations blend well together after innovation has become an integral part of a local or regional development agenda.

We've had projects with

Universities like Sorbonne Université, TUD, TU/e, Aalto, ELTE, Universitas Indonesia, ISCTE Lisbon, University of Latvia,University of Tartu and Businesses like RBS NL, Telekom Malaysia, NTT Malaysia, IDC Indonesia

and also worked with more than









Walk the talk

When setting up Kimitisik and in previous businesses and projects
we took these steps and still love walking!

Be resilient and open to change

Learn to deal with ambiguity and adversity

Embrace creativity and practice mindful observation

Make good use of methodologies like Agile, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Business Modelling and Sprints

Have ambition and translate that into a vision, think big and shoot for the moon

Welcome diversity in people, perspectives and approaches

Engage in partnerships and innovate together

Running experiments and check the waters

Relentlessly move forward on
the vision

In the process show courage and dare to fail 

Reflect and iterate

Do this in the speediest possible way

Have fun all the time!

Our team



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